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Skilled Creative’s Top Voice Experiences Picks During Quarantine

This week's list wouldn't be complete without some of our favorite voice experiences created by us at Skilled Creative. While we're extremely proud of all of our skills, these are some of our favorite ones to use while we're hanging out at home during quarantine.

(1.) Alexa, open All Recipes: As everyone is dusting off their spatulas and cooking more at home these days, we love using the Allrecipes skill we created for our partners at Meredith Corporation. This skill is filled with editor-approved, easy recipes that are ideal for anyone getting bored of boxed mac and cheese.

(2.) Alexa, open Tea House Meditations: Apart from nourishing your body with great food, maintaining mental health is just as important. We love the Tea House Meditations skill we created for our partners at Pure Leaf Tea House Collection. Every Tea House meditation is under 5 minutes with expertly-crafted experiences that include different options like Relax, Happy, Focus, and Energize.

(3.) Alexa, open Real Simple Relax: For more easy-to-follow guided meditations, we’re very proud of our Real Simple Relax skill, which we created for our partners at Meredith Corporation. This meditation primer walks users through meditation basics and is a great way to start a consistent meditation practice.


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