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Skilled Creative's Top Voice Experience Picks: Productivity & Kids

Updated: Mar 26

Lately we've been all look for ways to keep up with productivity, scheduling, kid’s education, entertainment, shopping, etc. At Skilled Creative, we’ve been thinking about how virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa could be great tools for people spending time at home.

We think there are a lot of opportunities for voice to show its value for the remainder for the year. This week, we’ve made a list of 12 of our favorite voice experiences and features that we feel could be of value right now.

These are three skills created for productivity and kids - but keep an eye out for our other top pick lists this week!

(1.) Alexa, ask Lysol for Healthy Habits Challenge: Lysol’s skill helps teach people how to keep their homes clean and families everywhere healthy. The skill offers a ton of helpful information like daily hygiene tips, cleaning reminders, and the current cold and flu levels. If you’re more of a Clorox fan, you can use their skill by saying Alexa, ask Clorox Clean to give me a cleaning tip. Clorox's skill breaks down cleaning tasks into quick to-dos and larger deep cleaning chores to tackle step by step.

(2.) Alexa set a timer for 30 minutes: Timer features are one of the most popular tools on voice assistants. You can set a 30-minute timer for your kids to wash their hands. As a bonus to make it more fun, you can also play a song by saying, Alexa play (insert song) on Spotify.

(3.) Hey Google, remember something: From passwords to a friend’s favorite food, Google is helping people easily remember anything they need to. This action was made famous in the 2020 Super Bowl when a commercial showed how easy and useful this app is to use, especially for the elderly.

* Please note: These three voice experiences were not created by Skilled Creative. We just found them to be helpful and wanted to share during quarantine.


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