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Skilled Creative’s Top Voice Experience Picks: Health & Fitness

Staying healthy is the top priority for everyone around the world these days. While you stay at home, you can maintain your health and fitness with some of our favorite voice experiences that our team members have used below.

(1.) Alexa, open full body stretch: Staying fit is essential during quarantine, and it doesn't take a lot to move your body daily. Just stretching for 6 minutes each day with Alexa helps improve flexibility and range of motion for everyday tasks. Staying loose helps prevent injury and pain so you can stay out of the hospital these days. As a bonus workout, users can ask Alexa to also guide them through another skill, 5-minute plank workout, to strengthen their core, glutes, and hamstrings. Just say, Alexa, open five-minute plank.

(2.) Alexa, open Animal Workout: While adults need to stay active, kids need to keep moving just as much, if not more. While many schools are currently closed, kids can burn some energy while using their imagination through the Animal Workout skill. This skill lets kids become different animals while exercising. This one is great to use even after quarantine lifts since it’s an excellent activity for rainy days.

(3.) Hey Google, talk to Natural Remedies: Apart from staying fit, it’s good to have medicine on hand to maintain health as well. Since many stores are closed right now, it may be tricky to find all the branded items you usually have stocked in your medicine cabinet. While serious issues should always be addressed with a doctor right away, Natural Remedies is a great voice experience that helps you use the items you already have at home for common maladies like headaches and muscle pain.

* Please note: These three voice experiences were not created by Skilled Creative. We just found them to be helpful and wanted to share during quarantine.


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