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New Voice Experience Launch: Successful Farming

We are very excited to announce our latest voice experience launch, Successful Farming. We’ve worked closely with our partners at Successful Farming magazine and The voice experiences is an easy-to-use, intuitive tool to search commodity prices. To explore the new voice experience, just say "Hey (or OK) Google, talk to Successful Farming Live.”

Our Senior Director of Accounts, Michael Hoesten, spearheaded the voice experience partnership with Successful Farming. Here’s what he has to say about our latest project: "Successful Farming Live is focused on a specific industry and demographic; we worked with the Successful Farming team to create a utility-based voice experience that delivers real value to farmers. Through a few simple voice commands, farmers are able to get important updates about key agricultural commodity prices; they can then dig in for more specific details around pricing for a particular contract month or local elevator price. This voice experience is something that farmers can use every day, multiple times a day, to stay up-to-date!"

Our team also enjoyed working with Successful Farming's team members like Editorial Content Director, David Kurns. It’s always exciting to work with innovative teams who are excited about exploring new ways to reach their audience.


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