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New Voice Experience SNEAK PEEK | Quidditch Through The Ages: Highlights

Updated: Oct 14

Earlier this year, we were lucky enough to be invited to join an exciting collaboration between Pottermore and Google. We worked with Google and Pottermore to create the Quidditch Through The Ages: Highlights as a launch AoG for Google’s new Story Lobby.

Putting a focus on rich visual narrative experiences will undoubtedly help to expand the usefulness of Voice technology. JK Rowling’s book, Quidditch Through The Ages was, of course, a perfect fit for Story Lobby since it shares the backstory of one of the most popular magical sports in the Wizarding World.

Although we always try to push the creative edge of our Voice experiences, our entire team was over the moon to work with Pottermore, and Quidditch Through The Ages gave us a wide variety of magical storylines to bring to life through a Google Action.

This experience highlights five fantastical stories from the book. So far, we’ve done an early release of one story: The Development of the Racing Broom. This Google Action won’t be officially promoted yet, but we wanted to give our community a sneak peek.

As we began to bring these stories to life, we worked closely with Pottermore's team, who helped guide us through the Wizarding World. From there, our team created a strategy, VUX, copy, and visuals that best suited an Action on Google. Each interaction was designed to be controlled by voice and/or touch, leveraging the dynamic nature of Google Canvas.

One of our favorite interactions allows users to “enter” the broom store and explore three of the most popular brooms on display. One of the broom options is the Nimbus (which, of course, everyone knows was Harry Potter’s favorite broom). Creating these special experiences expands the story into an interactive and fun extension putting the user directly into the Wizarding World.

When creating Voice experiences, we always try to sneak in Easter Eggs for users since they drive deeper engagement and retention. We would have done a disservice to Pottermore fans if we didn't sprinkle in a few hidden features into the Quidditch Through The Ages experience to unlock. Pro Tip: If you want your hand a spell and find an Easter Egg, just say, “Hey Google, UP!” while you have the experience open on your Google Device.

To borrow the words from another British fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” While we feel like Voice technology can be magical in and of itself, our partnership with the Pottermore's stories has given that maxim a whole new meaning to our Skilled Creative team and we look forward to creating more magic.

Four more interactive Quidditch Through The Ages stories will be released later this Fall, but in the meantime, you can explore this early release story on your Google Assistant (TIP: You can download the Google Assistant App on your phone if you don’t currently have a Google device). Just say “Hey Google, talk to Quidditch Story” and, if you’re enchanted, you can leave a 5-star review.


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