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New Product Review: Google Chromecast

Updated: Oct 8

Our Senior Director of Accounts, Mike Hoesten, recently reviewed the new Google Chromecast. He says,

Perhaps even more exciting than the new Chromecast's voice remote is the built in Google TV software. With Google's clear focus on their multimodal assistant, we sensed it was only a matter of time before they made a big move on to the TV screen.
Image Source: Google
Previously, with the focus primarily on mirroring your device (like mobile phone, web browser, or smart screen) onto your TV screen, Google's experience on television was limited as compared to competitors.
Now, Google's new Chromecast brings us "their version" of the Amazon Fire, Roku and Apple TV OTT interface - backed by Google Search / NLU, aggregating all of the top streaming services and apps, and with Google Assistant as the main navigation, we can't wait to unbox the new Chromecast, grab the voice remote, and start playing on October 15th!
Image Source: Google


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