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New Device Review: Ring Drone Camera

Perhaps one of the most intriguing devices to be released recently is the Ring Drone Camera. Our team is very curious about this new hardware and can't wait to test it out. Our CEO, Brandon Kaplan, shares his insight below.

I saw a video recently on YouTube about the biggest investments the Sharks from Shark Tank missed out on. If you didn't know, RING came to the Sharks, and they turned it down. Several billion dollars later, we now have a flying drone camera. 
The drone can take flight and tour your home when movement/door breaches are detected or at your control. I've always been a fan of drones, and smart home cameras are a phenomenal piece of IoT. 
I love the ingenuity of this. I am not sure how well it will function, but I'm always into trying a fun gadget, especially if it keeps my family safe.


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