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New Device Review: Fire Stick TV

Image Source: Amazon

Our next review of Amazon's new tech is the Fire Stick TV. Brandon Kaplan, CEO of Skilled Creative, gives his insight below.

Image Source: Amazon
When we start working with a brand, one of the first and most frequent questions that come up is around how many Alexa devices have screens. By our best estimation and research, its around 40%. Adding more Fire Sticks to the market will only help grow that market share. 
We are firm believers in the future of "visual voice" and have been making investments into our capabilities with Amazon Web App (HTML) and Google Canvas. This new fire stick seems to improve visual quality, reduce power consumption, and it's always telling to see where Amazon is investing in launching new products. In this instance, it’s the US, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, India, Italy, and Japan.
Image Source: Amazon


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