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New Device Review: Echo / Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Updated: Sep 29

Image Source: Amazon

First up on Skilled Creative's review of Amazon's newly released tech is the new Echo / Echo Dot. Our CEO, Brandon Kaplan, shares his thoughts below on why these devices will help shape the development of the voice industry.

Image Source: Amazon
The new Echo / Echo Dot is the second major design change for the Echo family of products. The design looks a little like a Bluetooth speaker you'd find in a sharper image catalog in 2008, but you can't ignore the enhanced tech inside.
Better quality audio pairs well with the APL-Audio developer tool, meaning not only with your music streaming sound better, but Alexa skills will too. A smart hub as a base feature will absolutely benefit smart home fans. The new sphere shape opens up a world of branding opportunities that we see a sneak peek of the kids speaker that I'll comment on later this week. Always good to see Echo tech evolving, and I fully expect a death star, globe, and basketball version for the holiday season.
Image Source: Amazon


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