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In The News | VOICE Talks covers Quidditch Through The Ages Highlights

Yesterday, during a VOICE Talks episode, the Google Assistant product team chatted with a group of industry experts about smart displays.

The group included one of our partners at Pottermore PublishingGraham Sidwell, who is the Head of Product Development at Pottermore. Graham talked about “Quidditch Through The Ages Highlight”, the Google Action we’re building with Pottermore, and explained how Voice technology and storytelling is a natural fit.

Graham says, “We’re in the business of telling stories and we realize that the oral tradition of storytelling is in fact much older than the written tradition.”

He continues, “Voice isn’t just a strategic initiative for us, it’s part of the very fabric of what we do as a business and how we think as a business, so Voice is our bread and butter.”

We couldn’t agree more, Graham.

Video Source: VOICE talks


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