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In The News: The New Future of Voice AI: Expert Predictions Altered by a Pandemic

Updated: Aug 31

SoundHound's Karen Scates recently interviewed voice industry leaders to gather insights and predictions about the post-pandemic future of voice. Here's what Skilled Creative's CEO, Brandon Kaplan shared with her in his interview:

“If 2020 has taught us anything, predictions are to be taken with a grain of salt. Looking back however, I think we predicted the platform race fairly well. Platforms have continued to drive the majority of the momentum in the space. Amazon has continued to roll out wave after wave of new features, betas, and marketing efforts. Google has continued to work on pillar initiatives that have driven growth in IP functionality, smart home, storytelling, and gaming. Soundhound Inc. has led the way in bespoke voice initiatives with key players like Snap and Pandora, and a slew of other platform players have come to market or been acquired. What none of us could have predicted was quarantine, and we have seen usage skyrocket on some of our more prominent experiences with partners like Meredith Corp, Nutella, PepsiCo, etc. “Hands Free” is the magic phrase for voice scale. The combination in increased usage, and a massive batch of features from platforms will drive the next wave of voice growth in media, commerce, and utility. All of this is dependent upon brands and agencies continuing to invest in the space. There will likely be some consolidation in the coming months, but it will be up to platforms, brands, and agencies to work together to continue to grow the channel.” - Brandon Kaplan, founder and CEO, Skilled Creative.

Click here to read the full SoundHound article.


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