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In The News | Introducing Real Simple Relax: The Easiest Way to Try Guided Meditation at Home

Real Simple recently wrote about the skill we produced for them. Real Simple Relax is a meditation skill that's great for people trying to start a meditation practice. To try the skill, just say, "Alexa, open Real Simple Relax.”


Say hello to Real Simple Relax, our latest (and chillest) Alexa skill, available on Amazon Echo and Alexa devices. It offers easy-to-follow one-minute meditations, brought to you by Real Simple and our friends at Stop, Breathe & Think, the award-winning mindfulness and meditation app. To access your own guided meditation practice, visit our skill page at and tap the "enable" button. Then say, “Alexa, open Real Simple Relax.” Try all three one-minute meditations and unlock a bonus six-minute meditation.

Click here to read the full Real Simple article.


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