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In The News | Expert Predictions on the Future of Voice AI in 2020 and Beyond

SoundHound's Karen Scates interviewed voice industry leaders including Skilled Creative's CEO, Brandon Kaplan, about the future of voice technology in 2020.


“2020 will be largely about the platform space race. Amazon has continued to maintain market share through distribution, strong partner programs, and marketing, but I see Google, Samsung, Houndify, and other platforms making very strategic moves that will heat up the competitive nature of the channel in 2020. Our agency adage is that Voice is not a PROJECT, Voice is a PROGRAM, meaning we need to be thinking about all of the pieces of a full campaign puzzle, rather than simply an isolated voice app. How does your voice app tie to your other marketing channels, what’s the real goal of your program, what data are you collecting, what iterative approach are you taking, etc, etc. Success in voice will require a full strategy.” - Brandon Kaplan, founder and CEO, Skilled Creative.

Click here to read the full SoundHound article.


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