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How Voice Will Impact TV

Updated: Mar 3

Television was once a simple experience with a few shows and limited scheduling. Kids today will never know the struggle of missing an episode or having to rent movies at Blockbuster. Today, there are endless ways to experience video content and as the lines blur between cable network, streaming service, and other digital entertainment channels, voice may have a role to play in helping guide people through all the noise.

To see how this medium is evolving, one only needs to look at consumer behavior. It’s no coincidence that the second most popular device purchased over the last holiday was Amazon’s Fire Cube TV (“Apple TV Killer”). As we change the way we experience TV, below are a few use cases for how voice may impact this giant industry.


VIEWER ENGAGEMENT: People can engage with the shows that they're watching. Voice features have the capability to function similar to Amazon X-ray, but conversationally. While watching a show, whether live or streaming, you can ask questions and get customized answers fully contextualized to where you are in the show. Additionally, shows like Black Mirror are already offering fans a way to interact with the actual show in a choose your adventure format.

VOICE REMOTE CONTROL: The amazon smart home API gives brands the opportunity to turn Alexa into a remote control. Whether you are a device manufacturer or entertainment company, you can develop experiences that lean on voice control. Power, channel, search, playback and other nuanced controls are available through Voice.

SECOND SCREEN: Conversational interfaces lean on Multi-Modal functionality to deliver visual elements when the user is on a screened device, and with features like live video, or state controlled content delivery, there is an opportunity for great visual context on entertainment experiences

NEW AD OPPORTUNITIES: Voice opens a new lens into advertising. Whether it's engaging ads on content you are enjoying through the device’s screen or a companion experience users can interact with during TV commercial breaks, we have to consider the 100M + devices in homes as a phenomenal in home ad platform for TV.



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