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How Voice Will Impact Retail

Updated: Mar 3

Distribution for conversational interfaces like Amazon Echo and Google Home has skyrocketed and there are now at least 100M devices in homes. The Amazon Echo Dot was the #1 selling product online over the 2018 holidays just a few months ago. Alexa also dominated the mobile sector and was the #1 phone app download during the same time. Both major platforms have released new tools that allow for fully featured Voice commerce.

With millions of people clamoring to access and utilize Voice, why have we not seen a surge in Voice retail experiences? Both Amazon and Google are focused on getting into homes and placing their Voice assistants into as many partner devices as possible. Could retailers be hesitant to put their experience on a device and database manufactured by a competitor like Amazon? Below we quickly lay out a few Voice features and concepts that could be applied to the continued disruption of the Retail Industry.


IN HOME: While distribution is at maturity, truly engaging experiences on the platforms have not come out in full force yet. Devices are sitting patiently in homes everywhere, ready to offer seamless retail experiences to their millions of users. With Voice, retailers can help customers curate shopping lists, search availability, price shop and compare, complete transactions, and engage them with rich content marketing around products. Voice will become a pivotal part of a retailer's omnichannel commerce efforts.

UNIFIED COMMERCE: By deploying external technologies such as QR, BLE, and geolocation, retailers can also create a unified commerce experience that flows from the customers home to retail and vice versa.

ON SHELF: When leveraging the right mix of hardware and UX design, a Voice experience engaged on a retail shelf can help with product curation, delivery of offers and CTAs, mobile delivery of collateral, and way finding within stores. Eliminate all questions about a product at shelves, and increased sales will follow.

MULTIMODAL: Both Amazon and Google are heavily focused on MultiModal, or visually dynamic Voice experiences. Both platforms are available on screen-less, screened, and mobile devices. Both platforms will also stream to smart TVs and newly enabled cars.



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