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How To Staff For Your Skill Build

Updated: Jun 3


One of the things people always ask us when we're at a client event or we’re on a panel or just talking to people about Voice is: What are some of the pitfalls that you can avoid when you’re building best in class voice experience. And one of the things I always bring up is staffing.

It is really important that your forecast out for the size of the experience you’re building exactly how many people you need to building something really great. Now if you staff correctly, then everybody on your team is going to have the breathing room, the focus, the energy to focus on those little details that make your voice experience great.

And if you understaff, you end up stretching your resources and you end up having a lot of people with their hair on fire a few weeks before the skill is supposed to go live.

So we always recommend to people: really, really focus in on staffing and a staffing plan so you assure sure you have the right people to focus on the right details.

You can download a list from on us exactly who we generally use in terms of staffing a voice project. So feel free to check that out and see those exact tips from us but don't forget staffing. It's a really important thing to focus on.


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