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How To Drive Retention For A Voice Experience


One of the things that often comes up with client conversation is retention. How do you drive an experience that creates a retention based relationship?

We always like to ask our clients “Is that what you want? Are you looking for someone to come back to your experience dozens and dozens of times, or is it more important that you simply grab someone's bit of information so you can contact them in another omnichannel location or to drive them to a bottom of the funnel conversion.” So it’s important to talk about that first.

Today, we’re going to talk about two very interesting ways you can drive retention: One is grabbing that person’s information so you can re-engage with them on another channel. Two is unlockable content which serves as an affirmation for what they’re doing so they’ll want to come back.

Two quick things we’ll talk about: Number one is grabbing someone’s information so you can reach them elsewhere. So you can use features like contact permissions which is a feature that allows us to enable access to someone’s phone number, email address, name, and even physical address that Amazon will give you through this permission that someone enables when they open up your skill. And the other is creating unlockable content so if someone, for example, is interacting with a meditation. Maybe they’ve done one meditation. At the end of the meditation, you can say hey great job you’ve unlocked this premiere piece of content. And what we’ve seen is that retention skyrockets when you give people access to unlockable content.

Click the link to see our top tips for retention based design in Voice.


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