Creative Design / Strategy Intern


TIMING: Immediate start (Unpaid)



Skilled Creative is a VOICE FIRST, emerging tech creative agency, based in NYC.  We work with our partners such as PepsiCo, Wall Street Journal, Meredith Corporation, Pfizer, etc to identify where their organization can succeed with emerging technologies. We're passionate about finding creative ways to bend technology, in an effort to produce incredible user experiences, and valuable campaigns for our partners.  We are obsessive about finding the right innovative technology solution for our clients. Our team treats conversational interfaces as a true omnichannel platform, ready to be leveraged by brands to drive engagement, conversion, and transactions.



With the growth of VOICE platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, conversational interfaces have become the fastest-growing channel since the smartphone. Skilled Creative is a VOICE and Innovation agency based in New York City. Work with our project team on execution of building VOICE experiences and campaigns for brands like PepsiCo, TED Conference, Pfizer, Simon & Schuster, etc. You will work with our creative team on creative strategy and execution. This role will include strategy research for creative projects, helping in ideation sessions, brainstorming workshops, generating mood boards for client projects, and getting involved in copywriting for VOICE scripts. You have creative production experience, whether that is as a copywriter, graphic designer, creative strategist, etc. You will join us for client meetings, gaining real-world insights into how some of the largest brands in the world approach, and execute on Innovation projects. Join us in NYC during the internship for on-site work, client meetings, and an Innovation Roundtable at BetaWorks, where our clients will get together for a guided discussion on VOICE tech, and where it's going to change industries.



Interest and skills would be a background in creative design or marketing. You have the ability to do research, think creatively, copywriter, and/or do graphic design. You have an interest in joining a creative agency or innovation consultancy when you graduate. You are passionate about technology.


Please email a cover letter, resume and portfolio to with the WEBSITE APPLICATION in the subject line.

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